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Stone sealing


Sealing stone plays an important part in the longevity and quality of your stone projects. The sealing process protects the shine and surface of stones quickly and easily.


1. Do I need to seal my natural stone (Granite, Marble, etc.)?

Not all natural stones can be sealed. Some are too dense to absorb liquids let alone the sealer. These stones are safe from everyday experience and do not require a seal.

Most granite will require being sealed multiple times to retain the shine and glow of the granite. How often each resealing is done is dependent on the color and porosity.

Testing if your natural stone needs to be resealed is quick and easy. Simply pour small amounts of water around your surface. If the stone seems to be absorbing the water you might want to consider sealing the stone to preserve its beauty.

Not all stone is the same and some are a must when it comes to sealing. Stones such as marble, onyx, sandstone, and travertine are prone to stains and thus require a seal to keep clean and looking new.

2. What does sealing my surface do?

Stones left untreated are more susceptible to staining and losing shine. When stone is sealed it protects you natural stone selection from looking aged and unclean.

When sealer is applied it is absorbed into the stone to protect it from the inside out. Other seals can be applied in which small holes and impurities are closed with a thin layer of seal.

With a seal on the surface of your stone liquid spills are easier to clean. Sealing, however, is not a shield against stains and scratches. The seal can still be open to staining from uncleaned spills left on the surface.

3. How often do I need to reseal?

The darker the color of the stone the less likely you are going to need to seal. Darker granites can last up to two or three years without a reseal.

Lighter colored granite should be resealed yearly to keep the bright colors shining like new.

Stones other than granite & marble should be sealed once or twice a year to avoid exposure to stains and damage.


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